Arabic Programme

Learn Arabic!

At GCS, Arabic is a compulsory Language.

Arabic A that is meant for students with Arabic as their native language

Arabic B is for all Non Arabs and for other students with Arabic as their 2nd language.

We offer three main subjects for both groups in Arabic studies:

  • Arabic Studies
  • Islamic for Muslims Studies
  • Social Studies

We follow the Ministry of Education, the UOI and our own support curricula.

We also offer many competitions throughout the year to reinforce the importance and love of the Arabic language: Spelling Bee, Quran, Hadith, Creative Writing, Reading, Poem Writing and more.

Some Extra-curricular Activities are also there to strengthen the desire of learning this fascinating and rich language like Arabic Story Telling, Creative AA writing and other.

Free Arabic Class for GCS Parents

The Arabic department at GCS offers our non-Arabic speaking GCS parents free Arabic classes per term. These take 50 minutes per session per week.

The classes are introducing the Arabic language using simple techniques and they are ideal for people who have very basic skills in Arabic or who are just beginning to learn it.

Please contact Iman Fattoum, our Head of Arabic and Islamic, via for more details, dates and timings.