Languages at GCS

At Greenfield Community School, the primary language of instruction is English. With our student body hailing from approximately 80 different countries, with 50 different home languages we seek to support students develop their skills and become proficient in English in order to allow for higher levels of thinking in all subject areas. With that said, the wealth of diversity within our student body has truly helped develop some key language programs within our school.

English as an additional language (EAL)

The EAL programme is one of the unique sets of programmes that GCS offers to the early, primary and middle year’s students. It aims to help students learn English during school hours in the most supportive environment. The key focus is to assist our students in becoming proficient in English, in order to achieve the expected learning outcomes of our GCS curriculum, but also to develop intellectually as global citizens of this world. It is a very important part of the educational needs of our international students.


At GCS, Arabic lessons are compulsory. KHDA and the Ministry of Education state that all students in Dubai are required to participate in weekly Arabic studies. Arabic A classes are meant for students with Arabic as their native language, while Arabic B classes are meant for students with Arabic as an additional language. Learning the countries host language is a valuable opportunity for all international students.

Modern Foreign Language Program (MFL)

GCS currently offers a choice of French or German to students beginning in KG1. These two languages are taught as additional languages 2 to 3 times a week within school hours. Overall, the Modern Foreign Language Programme aims to provide students with a basic knowledge of these languages and an understanding of the languages and cultures.

Mother Tongue Programme

GCS supports the IB philosophy of maintaining the students mother tongue language. We encourage students to continue studying their native languages to support their learning and to gain knowledge and understanding about their native culture. Consequently, the Mother Tongue Programme coordinates with external tutors and organizations that offer after-school lessons in French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Urdu and Hindi, with the intention to provide opportunities in many other native languages in the future. Understandably, schedules, timings, groupings, class sizes, curriculums and prices are ultimately determined by the external organizations we are working with.