Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the transfer policy when coming from Taaleem’s The Children’s Garden?

There is an easy transition of students from The Children’s Garden (TCG) to Greenfield Community School (GCS): Students who are in PS2/KG2 at The Children’s Garden, Green Community are allocated priority places into Grade 1 at GCS. The parents are required to submit an online application before January 31st of the current academic year. These applications will not be charged the AED500 application fee. All students applying for GCS are required to take a developmental assessment. Students are accepted if the school is able to provide for their specific needs.

Any applications submitted after this date will be placed onto our waiting list until we have availability.

How many students per classroom?

At GCS our class sizes are in line with KHDA regulations with a maximum of 26 children per class from G1 to G12 and 25 students for KG1 and KG2.

What are the tuition fees?

The current tuition fees range from AED39,537 to AED72,809.

Does GCS offer a payment plan?

Currently GCS offers three payments, due on July 31st, November 30th and February 28th.

What is the Age Cut-off Date?

At GCS we abide by the KHDA statutory requirements such that a child must be age 4 years by the 31st of December. We accept children from age 3.8 years into KG 1 through to the end of Grade 12 and as per our admissions policy all students are kept in their age appropriate grades.

What are the school day timings?

KG 1 and 2: 7.45am to 2.20pm, Sunday to Thursday. Parents drop their children off at the classrooms.
Grades 1 to 10: 7.45 am to 2.30 pm. Sunday to Thursday. Primary school children line up outside the school at 7.45 am and are led in by their teachers. Secondary students go to their homerooms.
Grades 11 and 12: 7.45am to 3.30pm, Sunday to Thursday.

Do you have a canteen/cafeteria?

A school canteen is an essential part of our school and is one of the liveliest, busiest places. During break each student can enjoy a three-course meal, which is balanced, tasty and nutritionally sound.

At GCS we have one canteen in our Primary School for KG to Grade 3 students and another one in Secondary School for Grade 4 and above students.

Our students can choose to buy our canteen food or bring a packed lunch from home.

Does the school require students to wear uniform?

At GCS it is compulsory for all our students to be wearing their school uniform; this also includes the full PE kit during Physical Education lessons with appropriate footwear. All items of school uniform must be clearly labelled with your child's name.

Does your school offer after-school care?

Not in the traditional sense, however, we offer a range of teacher-led Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) every term at no additional cost. The activities range from Tennis, Football Drama Club, German Conversation, Song and Dance, Arabic Story Telling, Arabic and French Lessons, Basketball, Chess, Environmental Club, Art Club and Public Speaking.

Some ECAs are offered by the external provider E-Sports at an additional cost.

Does GCS provide English as a second language?

Yes, GCS provides English as an Additional Language (EAL). It is one of the unique set of programmes that GCS offers to the early, primary and middle year students. It is a prominent part of our educational needs in the region and specifically at GCS. The key focus is to assist our students in becoming proficient in English.

What is the level of qualifications our teachers at GCS are required to have accomplished?

For teaching positions at GCS or any other Taaleem school or school in the UAE, it is vital to ensure that you hold the correct qualifications and have the requisite experience. We would normally anticipate a minimum of two years' (and probably more) qualified teaching experience.

All candidates must have completed 12 years of Primary and Secondary education and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education or equivalent, specialising in the relevant educational field. Holding a subject degree alone will not qualify you to teach in the UAE. Teachers with extensive experience who hold a Certificate or Diploma of Education may be recognised as qualified. Offers made would be subject to receiving the approval of the UAE Ministry of Education, who must be satisfied that their criteria in the relevant teaching qualifications are met in a formal process.

All successful candidates will be expected to complete the school's medical form, duly certified by a General Practitioner and be passed fit for working overseas. As part of the immigration process candidates will have to pass a medical exam and are required to supply a police clearance certificate.

School Transport

Are all ages allowed to ride the bus?
Students from KG 1 onwards can use the bus.
Will I be able to contact the bus driver and/or bus nanny?
Only the school’s transport coordinator will be able to contact them. Drivers are not available by phone while driving the scheduled routes, however, the bus nanny can be contacted in case of an emergency.
Will I be able to make changes on a day-to-day basis if I need to pick up my child early?
Students may be picked up early from school by parents provided the transport company is being informed by the school’s transport coordinator.
What if the school schedules early release days?
The school will liaise with the bus company to accommodate changes in timings as officially requested by the school, provided all buses leave at the same time.
What about Professional and Parent Conference Days?
Bus transport will not be available during all-school Professional Days, however if the Secondary school has a regular school day and the Primary school is closed for students due to Professional Days or Parent-Teacher Conference, the regular bus transport for Secondary students will be available.
What about bad weather days such as sandstorms?
Parents will be informed by the school if delayed, early release or cancelled school days apply.
Is there a discount for siblings?
There is no siblings’ discount for the school bus transport services.
When is payment due?
The first payment is due by 1st September for the September to January term. The second payment will be due by 1st February for the February to June term. You will be billed directly by the school bus transport service provider.
Will there be a refund if I need to cancel the school transport services?
Yes, if a child withdraws from the service during the period he/she will be eligible for a refund of the fees for any month, which have not been used, eg. if the child withdraws in mid-October, the refund will be for the months of November and December only.